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Liver Lovers In The News – Nov, 3

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Check out the amazing article in theStamford Times today about the Liver Lovers and their speedy recovery 🙂



Photo: Welcome Home, Liver Lovers.

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The Liver Lovers are officially out of the hospital and back home! Everyone (including Jack, the blur) are very excited 🙂 While they are thrilled to be home, the germ-free environment is essential. Please be extra cautious if you are planning on stopping by and please call first.

Check this space for more updates on the Liver Lovers.

It takes a village… xo Carol and Brad


Carol’s Grateful Words

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Hi Everybody!

Brad and I are so thank filled!! I am just catching up reading all of the posts and truly overwhelmed with all of the love.
You guys are helping us heal!
It takes a village and we have a beautiful one!!

I wanted to thank Samara for being the best blogger and daughter!! Love you so much honey! Zo it was sooooo great to see you this weekend!! Love you madly!!

Love to Terry my typist and love slave since I have been home! 🙂

Hugs to Pamela and Betsy for setting up helping hands! I hear we are sold out!!!

To Pat, what can I say? You were so amazing in the hospital! I will be there for you forever!

Love to you all!! Namaste!